scrub a dub

So i did this over the weekend…well aside from some trail cleaning…i did little else.   it was a rather unproductive weekend. i will label it a staycation.

But I did start putting together the contents of my next book . . . not one i am reprinting . . . but one with my name on it wholly. (yes i looked that is how wholely is spelled – go figure)

It still hasn’t a proper title yet . .. but it’s about Community Housekeeping… a lot of towns and cities are in a hole, there is a slot where citizens can pitch in and pick up the slack. DO the things that i am already doing..removing graffiti, picking up trash, cleaning rivers…etc…

Basically instead of bitching at the city to do what they are supposed to be doing, folks should get off their ass and do it themselves…i though about calling it ‘get off your ass’ but the company i use is an amazon subsidiary and i think they would refuse to carry it with that title..yeah…kinda sucks..great title.

I have a bit on each of these topics, and i have folks i can interview for more direct information. I am really really shocked to find very little on the internet. Graffiti removal is the big thing on the internet…straight up cleaning, not so much.

Walls & signs
-Bandit Signs
-Granite walls

-tree bags

-Floating Trash
-vehicles, appliances


Recreational Trails
-illegal dumping
-invasive weeds

Vacant Property
-guerrilla gardening
–seed bombing
-Abandoned encampments
-Abandoned property
–animal corpses and feces

This weekend i figured out the parameters of the book…it is actually the same zone as my book repair book…limiting it to stuff you CAN do yourself before you need to call in a professional. therefore i don’t have to go into ridiculous detail of complicated procedures, i just can describe best methods for dealing with it yourself and list sources for further information. Watched some terrific videos on youtube from the National Center for Preservation technology and training…on cleaning headstones. didn’t realize pressure washing is considered a no no…which is a surprised to the other 10 videos on line which depict pressure washing of headstones.


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