scuse me while I scream . . . .

. . . perhaps that’s what blogs are for – a primal scream into the ethersphere – heard or not heard it’s gotta be good for the soul. As you figured out, due to the state of the industry I to have to multi task to get ends within a mile of each other. I sell a few books, I mix up some book deodorizer, I sell some Unbound, I do some desktop publishing contract work including a few layouts on the side when I can get them. I have a couple of ongoing projects already and yet I took on the case of the Pub menus, because it was quick money and would lead to a series of layouts. No sooner had I turned in the heavy lifting part of the job, the four page menus – then the owner gleefully shows me the take-out menus a ‘friend’ had done for free for him (printing them off on her day job’s color laser printer- isn’t that stealing?) Needless to say I was both dumbfounded and dumbstruck. This piece of shit hack work was indeed color and above all free. But it looked like it was done by bored housewife. So what could I say “gee, free? that’s swell.” grind teeth- grind teeth. I have fought this creeping monster of mediocrity before. Thanks to technology everyone with a PC can be a bookseller or a publisher or an artist regardless of training or talent – it’s one thing when you are doing a flyer for your dog washing service but if you trying to run a REAL business you have to decide do you want to project a professional image or be niggardly and look like your printing a fanzine in your mom’s basement. [insert string of vulgar epithets here] There now I feel better. Back to the next task – I gotta stir up another 50 lbs of granules – and YES I look just like a witch hovering over a cauldron in the living room, and no, I won’t send you pictures.

Btw – I will be popping by the Boston Book Fair this weekend to see what’s up. Stay tuned.

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