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Like I said I can’t be trusted with the slightest hint of money.   Because I am happy with the guy I have in India who is doing some OCR work for me…and I have another guy lined up to work on my website, when i get the money together.  He wants to start working now, but i really need to dedicated the next few checks to the utility companies.  The website doesn’t have to be finished until the end of the summer.  But he gave me a good price and we have a plan, so I feel good about it.  I got cocky.  I have this CHORE that I have been putting off for AGES….  at some point last year Amazon started listing the Cafepress items and then instead of making $40 bucks a year, i’m now making about $200 bucks a year.  Not a bad improvement considering i have done nothing much.  A couple of times a year maybe I add a bunch more designs to the Cafepress site.  They are almost all just copyright free line art.  But I have slacked off at improvments such as adding appropriate tags and adding the new products available to my old images.   So i got a little behind.  And the chore seems boring and overwhelming to me.   So I actually put out a craigslist ad for someone to do this FOR me.  Like I said, I can’t be trusted.   And I got about a 10 responses in the first 12 hours…then i WOKE UP and pulled the add.  Because I am basically being an asshole.   I was fishing for someone who would do it for LESS money than i would do it for.   The American’s, LIKE ME,  can’t really afford to work for less than $12 an hour, even I insist on $10 (which is more than i make as a substitute teacher)  – So what the fuck am i looking for?  someone who wants to do it as a favor? so that I can make more money?   I am such as ass.

At the moment I have three books that need finishing one with 70 more pages of images to restore, and two that need proofing.  The cookbook indexing is kicking my ass….i NEED to do those things..and there is no assurance i will make $200 a year from them.  But for some reason i have avoided this other chore for nearly a year.  I have finally added it to my TO DO LIST – If i will pay someone else $10 an hour, then I really need to do it myself.   Unlike what I am asking Sumit to do in India…he’s working on part of the books that takes me away from finishing them.   I am actually ahead by paying him to do the OCR part of the work, then i can do the proofing and indexing without getting sick of looking at the text and start making mistakes.

The Cafepress crap on the other hand is infinitely tedious.  Basically take an image and add it to a bunch more products, but i need to keep track of which ones i have done and which ones I haven’t.  Even though some of the designs have never sold at all.   I will probably take a good look at the designs and remove some of them, maybe…i think i get 500 images with my Cafepress account…but if i am improving sales, then i should look at upgrading the account…which will have to wait until i upgrade the products.   It’s all part and parcel to that theory I had at the first of the year about improving the level of PASSIVE money coming into the house.

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