seeing stripes

mama needs a new pair of eyeballs . . . .well something had to go. what is it they say, if i had known i was gonna live so long, i’d have taken better care of myself? I thought i was getting away from my 45th birthday unscathed – no fear . . . .sometime yesterday i got hit with a sudden impluse to ‘nest – either that or a panic attack, they both manifest themselves as a manic phase of housekeeping and small projects on top of my regular load of crappola. As soon as i pulled out a needle and thread i realized i didn’t have a light bulb in the house bright enough. apparently close up looks just as bad with or without my glasses so I did a lot of stitching on faith. So far I have made about 12 of these little suckers, hopefully that will be the last for a while or maybe i will stuff the next litter with catnip or rosemary or dynamite or something. but it’s likely that it will just be another thing i don’t do much of anymore because my eyes aren’t up to it – like reading for pleasure.

That’s okay, its time for my year end shelf culling anyway. . . . this is how i discovered how lovely brushes are to dust books with. Usually by the end of the year i have acquired a lot more books than i will ever read or sell apparently. so i give the shelves a good going over, basically looking for real estate, sometimes books just aren’t worth the shelf space they take up. i used to have a few good bookstores locally where i could pawn the books i don’t want to hawk. now i’d have to DRIVE to do anything like that, and at $3 a gallon sometimes that’s not worth the effort. i learned a nasty habit over the years, I make boxes of likely candidates and just ship them to the unsuspecting. not necessarily expecting money in return, just looking to get off on the satisfaction of getting rid of them without wasting them. donating half decent books is almost always a waste these days unless you know exactly where they are going. every time i turn around there is a new genius popping up with a way for charities to exploit their donations for all they aren’t worth. i prefer to just give them away.

so far i reclaimed 2 shelves and just filled them with the books that were already queued up for shelving. zero sum.

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