seeing the light

OK enough with the fantasy shopping. I made a list of what my ID wants to purchase and my Superego cut it down to what I  truly need and can’t move on without. A small house, solar electric system, the mini-split heating system, and all that entails, that list has grown to include probably new windows and insulation and a few new energy star rated appliances and no doubt an alarm system and those are just the expenses i know about.

After paying outstanding debts  the next most important thing on the list is a new used truck, a 2010 F150 is probably my best bet.  The camera needn’t be this years model but it does have to be new; used electronics are a crap shoot.

I cut the new furniture aquisitions to just the couch and dining table, two things i will use everyday. Aside from that there is nothing i need to buy that i want more than i want the house to be cost as little as possible to run every month. I started rexamining the bits of furniture i already own and the sort of thing I can find easily on Craiglist. There’s no rush to ‘buy a new life’ I certainly can’t afford it and not everything from this one is tainted with the stench of failure or cat urine.

opplanet-bausch-lomb-compact-lighted-magnifier-819008Anything i put towards Sicpress and any other ‘occupational’ investment is takes presidence over any  aesthetic ones. I have all the equipment, furniture and shelving i need. I just really need to get more product, I have already picked out a line of paper crafting knives I want to vend.  I found some pocket and lighted magnifiers that i think will integrate into SicPress very well.   Adding new products and restocking the old ones won’t cost more than $1500 that and any marketing expenses will come back to me many times over and once that’s in gear and the other websites i want to build. I can certainly buy plenty of furniture as i go and it will be a lot more fun.

Light light…lamps… only have one floor lamp and a reading lamp….hadn’t thought of that.  damn…this whole house thing is starting to add up to real money.

Without the window shopping to do  I may have to get some real work done.



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