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ball jars and lego I got punished yesterday for my laziness. I woke up and found just ONE book had been thrown on the floor and then peed on. Now to be fair, i had piled an entire bookcase onto one of the work tables in the living room to be packed…like a week ago. and it was entirely my fault for leaving the books out in the open unattended where they could easily be mistaken for a litter box. It was a worthless Exlibrary i had had since i was like 12. Last time i had a couple of books my roommates thought were worth vomiting on, I found they were too pricey to casually replace, so i washed off the puke and put them on a bookshelf where they should have been. It really is the safest place. Having them in boxes makes me truly nervous.

I did mean to get up inside me head for a week, but it happens. And actually some days i was just too busy, and when i sat down i just fell asleep. Last friday I got a call from the broker who is now trying to come up with a listing price for the estate. Her associate wanted to take a tour on Saturday. But I had every intention of going to both of the book fairs this weekend in Boston, not to mention free passes and a discount on parking, who wouldn’t? I told her it would have to be very early or very late in the afternoon, and she suggested Tuesday. She never called me back to confirm so i assumed it would be Tuesday….Monday was my ARVS clinic day.

Saturday I DID get over to the bookfairs..and of course the broker called me at 2pm when i was standing in the middle of the Hynes Auditorium in Boston.  Instead of feeling any sort of excitement about being with my ‘peeps’ I was just overcome with ennui and ended up walking the aisles like a lost child at a shopping mall. Despite the fact that i don’t really have money to spend on books, i don’t really BUY anything anymore.  I ended up just leaving to meet the broker back at the house, and by then it had gotten dark, so i am not sure how much it helped.


I used it as field trip to decide WHAT sort of bookseller i want to be when i grow up, or when i have access to more money, whichever came first. I just kept getting more and more dour…anything i buy that i don’t sell will be in serious danger in my possession…not from my roommates, though as we know that CAN happen. Thus i have my eye on Crate and Barrel’s Barriser cases. HINT: the five shelf is over my head, so i would buy extra parts and make two FOUR shelf units. There i just spent $2300. But when i DO die the collection will just get broken up to the four winds.  I tend to only buy books i need for research these days.

Not that i don’t want to be a bookseller anymore…great thing about BEING one, is that you don’t have to make a profit at it to be one. The broke bookseller is the common meme. I just think investing in being a general bookseller is a quick way to be back where i am right now… I may put off the decision for a while, I had always thought that if i had a specialty I’d be in better shape. But i’m pretty much a bookslut, i like everything equally. Well not everything… I did replace the murdered book for $17, but then when i was giving it an unceremonious burial, i took the chance to throw Julie and Julia with the same backhanded spin.

A friend dropped off more clean boxes so i can take down another bookcase..This time i am going to make a point of doing it more promptly. dust and pack, dust and pack. When i get where i am going, the cardboard will be the 1st thing to go…if you have a large amount in your home, you will find your skin abnormally dry and adding a humidifier may help your skin, but will be murder on the cardboard. Cardboard does one thing better than anything else, absorb moisture, and books run a close second. Years of first hand experience of cracked fingers working in the backroom of book vendors.

globewies As i have said before i love the ridiculously expensive Really Useful Boxes though they are designed for storage and not display, if your books aren’t on wooden bookcases, why bother having them. As for storage inside closets and such, I am pretty satisfied with plastic containers, but i am becoming LESS satisfied with plastic for food storage. Inexpensive plastic, like Sterilite will implode on practically a schedule. Generally I loathe cardboard for storage – but like all olde tymers i have a fondness for the classic GLOBE WEIS fiberboard box the 3×5 fits snap shots nicely, the 4×6 fits postcards and 5×8 fits everything else… but even those get pricey en masse. They work out well on wooden shelves with an enclosed back, keeps out dust and isn’t prone to absorbing odors as much as corrugated cardboard. Not great for stuff you need to get at too often, the lids are prone to breaking.

plasticyI have been very happy with the cheap PETE Plastic ‘made in usa’ jars from Walmart that i have been using for general storage containers. I use em for anything i have a handful of batteries, hooks, string, rubber bands, bottles of ink, noodles, beans, popcorn, bags of tea, etc… Because they are square they use the space efficiently and being clumsy in a tight space, if i drop em they don’t always shatter. (you can crack PETE but they are recycleable) So, there is no question that i will be doubling up on these puppies in the new place or actually BEFORE the new place. It will certainly help me to contain a lot of crap and then box them up in their jars. I do need to figure out how to attach a nice PEGBOARD hook to them, that would put the methodology over the top.  (full disclosure, the small ones are from the dollar store)

Once upon a time i was in love with Ball Jars for this sort of storage…now that the Ball Jar has become an internet MEME of its own, .   But i have rowdy roommates and glass is still glass.    I did toss around the idea of using the MOVE to go non plastic, but it just isn’t that easy.   I stay away from single use plastic,  like bags, plastic wrap, utensils etc.. and i think that’s noble enough.  As long as what i buy has purpose and gets recycled when it dies, then i don’t need to purge my life of plastic.  It certainly won’t make an impact on the planet if i have glass jars in my fridge, as a large portion of the damn fridge will be made of plastic.  (I went fridge window shopping yesterday…too bad, the one i want is on sale)

I can’t see my house without SOME plastic, the electronic devices would look naked..and not work very well… I don’t think i have seen shampoo sold in anything but plastic…sheesh that would be a messy predicament.


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