self indulgent

mastiffThat didn’t take long.  no i didn’t blow it all in 1 day, that usually takes a little longer but i did make a hell of mortal wound in it.    I paid the car insurance which was overdue, reordered book deodorizer and inkredible erasers which took the lions share of what i spent so far.  It was a volunteer day at the clinic, this 100 lb mastiff was the sweetest thing all day… if I were to trade up from the chihuahua i’d have to have a REALLY big bedroom for this beastie.  While i was at the clinic I paid those bills and scanned around for anything else pressing i could take care and since it was Cyber Monday and Sparkfun was having some really good sales, i bought my birthday/christmas present early and ordered all the electronics bits and pieces i had on my wish list…hey, 20% and 40% were nothing to sneeze at.

Unfortunately I had no such self control on my way home, i went through the CVS and restocked the essentials, bought some take out chinese and a nice bottle of port and then was a very naughty girl at the DVD store and gave myself the Extended Edition of the Hobbit, and the charmingly drunken Irish Monster film GRABBERS.  On the whole  I MOSTLY spent money on things that had to be paid for and then i indulged myself with some instant gratification where a resposible adult would have hoarded every penny that wasn’t essential.

I never said i was a responsible adult and i stopped pretending a while back. I did my due diligence as far as my business goes and i outfitted myself for some home entertainment since i dont have much of a life  Though in retrospect,  i really should have just gone food shopping instead of the chinese food because i was just hungry again afterwards.

Aside from shipping the orders on hand, the tap is shut off until i get the rest of the money for the trailer this weekend.  Of course NOW the 15 year old HP printer has given up the ghost and just printing labels is a 5 minute project.  My Amazon basket already contains the new Brother Printer with the least bells and whistles and the best customer feedback but combining it with a toner cartridge would bring the bank balance too low for comfort.  I can wait a week for it.

Today was a day of forward momentum, the kittens had gone to their new family on Sunday, and today Minnie went to her forever home.  It’s getting a little sparse in here.  The broker brought over the listing paperwork for me to sign, apparently we will be getting what I think is considerably less for this monster house than i had expected.  Regardless of how i value this little island, the surrounding community has been devaluated so if we get appraised value i will be shocked. She is the 2nd broker to tell me i will probably have to rent someplace to live after i sell this place and before i buy another.  This is a totally stressful idea, since i would have to board at least 6 cats AND put all my boxes of books in storage, neither is a good idea.  So i have to scale down my plans for the future and ramp up all my internet projects a lot faster than expected.  I may only be able to afford a crap house, but it will be all mine.

The lawyer ALSO sent over the refinancing paperwork for me to look over, and its is freaking me out…i don’t actually GET a couple of the documents and I won’t be able to ask her questions until tomorrow, so it looks like i will spend the entire evening freaking out.   Not only were decisions made on my behalf but the fucking banker didn’t even get my name right in the email. Not that i would have decided differently but I am feeling entitrely infantilized and all i really want to do is beat someone to death with a boat oar.

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