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no. i didn’t buy this. as of two days ago i had a two digit negative balance, and it is barely higher than that now.
but one my patrons…one of my friends… sent it. the rational is that the work i am producing for her will be faster, better and certainly more secure in a computer that isn’t going to crash if i decided to move the laptop suddenly. Just opening the box i realized that this relatively inexpensive computer is probably the most expensive item in my possesion which is not a book and that includes my truck.

Still broker than broke, but Work has been coming in from all sides right now…not money…but work. a few friends want me to produce books for them…which is all well and good, but i really want to just set it up so that they can be their own publisher. I really don’t want to spend my life supplying them with their own books.

The editing is trickling in…boxing….dentistry…yes dentistry….and that may turn into a long term content editing position…we can hope. I would really like a portable source of income for the day when i do have to find a place to live.

I got hired to do subsititute teaching in town….which is really not a bad way to make a buck…it’s not much and it’s not often. i still have to wait two weeks. but I have had quite a bit of downtime to work on my own research which is inspiring…i was actually disappointed they didn’t call me yesterday and today..i’m broke least if i get out of the house i get work done. ….a laptop i can actually take with me is exciting.

Once upon a time i used to get a lot more work done by taking the laptop out of the house and down the block to the bar downtown with wifi. now we have a bar and a coffee shop..i have a choice.

With the boatload of work i have cut out for myself i just really needed a new machine… the desktop is still cranking along, but the office is cramped cold and messy. it needs another deep clean…actually it just needs spring. I can sit at the desk for a few hours but then i have to get up and move..somestimes standing, sometimes sitting. At some point when i was sitting in the high school which has no wifi and i am actually scribbling with a pencil in a notebook trying to get ahead of the game on the 3rd grade history book… i realized i wanted to HIRE someone to do the scut work… i KNOW! i am usually the person doing the scut work. WHY would I hire anyone to do what i normally get paid to do. Well….if I can get the bulk of the dataentry rough formatting done by somneone in INdian for $10 an hour or less, than i am actually ahead of the game because i can plug the text into a new publication with some speed. I may actually make my september publication date for the next 20 books i have my eye on.

Yes I am thinking of hiring someone in India.. i havea guy who is recommended by the Dentistry people. Now I just need to find the money to pay him…mean while i am STILL typing away myself. my rationalization is that if the tedious stuff was done, i would be able to just do the finicky stuff and the actual publishing. i am having serious arguments in my head about this. Hopefully this new machine can speed up the process, and hiring someone will turbo charge the process.

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