sharp objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

I like knives. In my seach of the perfect pocket knife. I saw this Laminated Folding 4″ Japanese Knife in the Garrett Wade catalog and I can’t wait to find an excuse to present it to myself.

I have always been partial to the Stanley 10-049 Work Knife, (left) it has a squared point and a straight edge, the blades are cheap and replaceable, AND can be sharpened. It is also flat and fits in my pants.

The one above that is a delightful and inexpensive 4″ N8 Opinel , however it has a curved pointy blade, making it no damn good for bookwork, but suitable for lunches – the handle is round, and is painful to sit on, so it lives in my messenger bag. (the bag never make it past metal detectors)

Both of the knives I sell for book work, have a squared tip, and a lovely beveled flat blade. They fit snuggly in the fist and take a nice edge, but alas they don’t fold. I even asked the factory if they could make one that did and they just laughed.

I need to find an excuse where I can reward myself with a new knife. Rationalization is the key to happiness.

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