She lives

Didyaever get sick of the sound of your own voice? I do, quite often in fact. I have been writing so many different things at the same time I just couldn’t handle one more echo. I am over due on a lot of them, and what am I doing instead? I resurrected the blog just for good measure – now i have still ANOTHER thing i need to feed. oh joy.

I owe Merrimack Valley Magazine 1000 words on feral cat population, the Rail Trail Design book needs finishing, I have start two separate grant writing projects, AND create new posts for several non profit blogs. On the other hand I have been able to move a lot of junk items from the barn, basement and garage – some of them even at a profit. I like profit…there is no profit in Non profit, just like the name says.

I am off to the laundromat kiddies, since they rerouted the gas line in the basement, the drier just hasn’t got the heart to actually DRY anything. 8(

here watch this:


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