shiny objects

Since my jewelry box was stolen i have been reticent about buying more stuff, but since i got my new BOX, all bets are off. First thing I did was move in all the stuff they didn’t steal. And set about buying myself a few sparkly things; including this little bit of fabulous that i haven’t taken off my neck since i found it at an antique show. A woman’s jewelry box is basically a sum of her previous lives, little bits of leftovers i do miss the bits they took…my gold star trek class ring, my his and hers wedding rings, a bronze ring from the the 4th century, some christmas pins, some screwback earings….strangely the parts that are inconveniencing me are all the findings. The connectors and jump rings and earring parts that i use to repair other pieces of jewelry. But since i am on such a serious Fix it and Make it binge, I have taken to catalog …yeah the paper kind, it’s over an half inch think i swear. I do have an addictive personality when it comes to hobbies and all the little tools and such that they entail. It takes all my strength to resist diving it with both feet. but seriously i am not into jewelry making….i just am not that creative. and I can’t see myself making things to sell. But i do like tweaking my own stuff. In my amber box i had one broken necklace and a bracelet missing a cabochon, so I got all ambitious to make a necklace for myself. First I had to order a mixed bag of sterling jumprings and that’s ALL i ordered I swear.

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