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MV Doulos is owned by Gute Bücher für Alle e.V. (Good Books for All), a private, non-profit, charitable organisation registered in Germany, basically it’s a floating book fair.Over 18 million visitors have been welcomed on board for tours, programmes and visits to the floating book fair. With stops in over 500 ports of call, this unique ship has visited more than 100 countries in including Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and many island nations. Sounds like the Peace Corps for Books!… damnit i wish i was a twenty something with no responsibilities, i would be SOOOO all over this.

MV Doulos will be docking in Qatar next week. hmm…how much is a ticket to Qatar?

kid stuff: online books for rug rats, they may not be classics but they are indeed free and speaking of that the folks at University of Calgary have an index to children’s ebooks on the net.
This is super nifty for the underfoots, an alphabetizing game disguised as bookshelving!! Scholastic, inc. has some online games, as well as Nickleodeon.

true lives:
P. L. Travers, Walt Disney, and the making of a myth.

obits worth reading: Tana Hoban illustrated books for children.

bib-dating! Speed dating with books in Belgium

Cartoon war salvo: Danish Author Profiles from the Danish Literature index Of which I am particularly ignorant, I think I have only read Hans Christian Anderson and Karen Blixen. well I saw the movies…does that count?

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