smcove2 Don’t get excited it’s just the cover.  I sent a first draft to so I could see how things look.   It’s still about half the size it should be and I am sure half of those pictures will look like hell.  But one has to make a start somewhere. I figure I will get this draft copy back and then I will have a good idea how to adjust for the medium.

Usually I am way too cheap to print my photos for no good reason (read: paying), though once in a while I send something to the copy shop and have it printed on color paper – usually just to pin to the wall or give away.  But here’s hoping that I can come up with enough that don’t suck to fill an entire book.

I am trying to intersperse the really good images with ones that I am not overly excited about hoping that no one will notice…hey it’s Methuen…If it were someplace classy I’d be worried.  As for content I still have no idea what I am doing, but I don’t shoot people as a rule..well not with a camera anyway….and I avoid cars and signs and anything that can be dated, so hopefully the book will look, as they say…timeless. Oh puhleese, can i get more pretentious? I also tend to avoid all the traditional static shots of civic buildings and statues etc… I prefer images that make one say ‘where is that?’  I mean if you WANT post cards shots….but a fucking postcard.

So basically it will be a crap shoot, either the draft copy will look like hell and I will dump the idea and stick to amusing myself, or it will look partway decent and I will try shooting another bunch of images for it.  As it is I have spent the last 2 days rooting around in my hard drives looking at images I forgot I had and then trying to find print resolution versions of the damn things. I will let you know when it gets here…and YES I meant the double entendre in the title, did you think for a moment that I didn’t?

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