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SherlockMagnifier I’ve been a little busy lately…good busy…..the mail carrier and UPS dudes are here everyday, sometimes twice. But nearly everything i ordered last week has arrived, just a couple more. Most of the shopping is designed to shore up the brand new website which won’t be rolled out until July. I got a peek today, it’s gonna look slick. But I am starting to have nightmares about not having enough money to buy the house when the time comes…basically every time i spend money i am causing a nightmare. I had to drop $50 bucks at Walmart today JUST to buy clear containers to put the products in, I am sure that will come back to haunt me. It  IS a valid expense..I can’t store $500 bucks worth of sales products just loose around the house.

I can’t wait to be out of this place..i NEED an office with a door, and cupboards for all this crap. In the mean time, I rolled out the new lighting set up and took the first series of prodict images….i will no doubt do them all again…hell i had to do them twice today, I had forgotten how to shoot table top. But they don’t have to be perfect, they have to satisying no one but me. The Eraser/Sharpener combo image needs to be reshot, it’s kinda crappy. I am still LEARNING the camera, the Camera was a great purchase I feel good about it .   Once I have the focal point narrowed down, I can shoot new products as I go. Once i have all the product IMAGES in the bag, I need to set up for video. Every product will get a video even if it doesn’t need one. JUST because it will be a feature of the new site.  The video camera is turning out to be a great purchase as well.  I no longer feel guilty about buying it.

comboerasersharpener I describe the new site as being curated…i get to buy and sell only the things I like.  Stuff I am excited about, even though it may only have a tangential connection to book repair. If i DO it right, it won’t matter. Come for the erasers, stay for the magnifiers.

I threw the new products up on the old Sicpress site as soon as i got the images ready. . . i even made a sale already. I am not sure if this is wise, but I am starting to take a LOT of liberties with the descriptions…i mean seriously, how much can you say about an eraser or a magnifying glass?  We’ll see how it works out. MY goal is to have at leasts two of the sites up by the end of the summer. So there is no rush to get all the products in all at once, I just like having them at hand so i can work on the content. I know i will feel SOO MUCH BETTER..that first week of September when the orders start up again.

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