sickening thud

2015-04-04 14.21.02 One minute he was there, and 5 minutes later he wasn’t. I debated about going anywhere for Easter, but I decided to spend a tank of gas and go visit my aunt and cousins on Saturday and then visit my friends at Wolf Adventure on Sunday. Spider and I had a very nice day back in Massachusetts, he got on everyone’s lap and had his picture taken, ate a ton of ham bits, and long around midnight he fell down a flight of hardwood stairs and died instantly at the bottom on the slate floor. well his heart was still beating for a few minutes, but he wasn’t THERE anymore. I just keep hearing the sound over and over in my head.

Sunday was a long sad morning, i treated my aunt to some of my scratch crepes. Instead of going straight home which was what i wanted to do, i made the trek up to Goffstown for another Easter dinner with some framily. We put Spider in one of the empty freezers. There’s no good place to bury him up here in Portland and the ground there is still frozen. I will go back in a month or so and we can bury him. He’s such a tiny creature shouldn’t take long.2015-04-05 15.04.57

I did to meet Teeka the new rescue, she was very shy, so i got a real good finger sniff. Since the other wolf hybrids like me, i am sure next time she will come a lot closer.  She was another rescue from an owner who didn’t treat her with dignity.

I am not in a terrible rush to get another companion animal..not that my house isn’t full of critters now, but cats really care about what you can do for them, any affection you get is purely accidental. Dogs love you more than they love themselves, totally different dynamic. But my life is different now, and hopefully it will continue to be more different. I’d like to have a dog to walk and hike with, but then i don’t want a dog that SHOULD be with children or chasing sheep or running everyday, that wouldn’t be fair to them. Basically I will just wait to see what the universe provides. Because nature abhors a vacuum and I am sure another opportunity to rescue someone will come along. I know I don’t want another tiny delicate dog, and then again I don’t want another 110 lb dogs i have to fight for the center of the bed. something in the middle will be fine..eventually. I keep looking around for him and not finding him.


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