i can’t remember what i was exactly what i thinking when i came up with that…I’m using ‘Sic’  meaning THUS as in ‘As Is’ press.   So basically it was an excuse to make mistakes.  Sorry fella you purchased it AS IS.   I published a few things using  under the imprint  but the only thing of note is the Book Repair for Booksellers. It has indeed been my intention to publish MORE…i mean even after 5 years I am still earning  pin money from BRB and I can always use more pins.

One of my goals this year was to finish a LOT of the unfinished projects on my desk. Including putting into print a lot of the unfinished manuscripts I have laying around.  The biography of Harriette Nevins is one…that i am deeply into research mode.   I want to do a couple of fundraiser titles for non profits that I am in tight with.  To get myself inspired to finish these original titles, I pulled some public domain stuff out of my hard drive and have spent the last month setting up reprint editions.   The 2 Methuen Histories will be vended at the tiny museum here in town, which is open like 12-2 on sundays, so there will be a mad rush for those.   I also worked on a 260 page Lawrence MA history from 1918..the 1918 pdf is all over the net, the 1924 version which is a quite different volume wasn’t easily findable on the net, so I spent $30 on a copy online..(which is a good price for that book)  And it looks like I will have to scan the entire thing one page at at time.   Not looking forward to that, but I have been assured I can sell at least TWO copies once I have scanned them, adjusted the image, set up the pages, saved as pdfs and published them….yeah..i think i was high when i made that deal.

To keep myself entertained..and to avoid serious work, I have a couple of FUN projects to throw out there.  I am nearly finished with an edition of LIVING ALONE by Stella Benson…published in 1920, it is clearly in the public domain in fact, the TXT file can be downloaded, and like the other public domain titles I have  put out editions of there are at least two editions already listed on Amazon.  WHY am i putting the effort into another one?  Anyone one who has looked at these ‘curated’ or not curated REPRINTS of public domain titles the ones offered are rather Vanilla…or actually they remind me of the GENERIC products we tried in the 80s. all the covers are blank and boring and the books don’t SELL themselves because the printers, i can’t call them publishers, haven’t READ the damn things.

I have a first edition of Living Alone…i don’t think I paid a lot for it, but it IS worth quite a bit.  It is a little fantasy fable set in WWI London – but you wouldn’t know that reading one of those bland generic reprint listings..hell you can’t even tell that from the dumb ass title.  IF you read the book, you GET the title….but unless someone told you, you couldn’t Glean the content from the title.   I am adding a SUBTITLE to the damn thing….hey it’s public domain I can do what i want….Living Alone, a Faerie tale of wartime London.  SEE isn’t that better?   and I have written a blurb for the back and I will add more to the book description….i am actually thinking about getting someone to write an introduction… we’ll see.   I set up the edition with  some internal ornamentation (i love internal ornaments) …..and that  KICK ASS Gibson Girl on a Broomstick French postcard which i just happen to STUMBLE upon a high res file online.   And hopefully I can get folks to buy it and read it.

No, I don’t expect to retire on this edition or any of my books…but even if you don’t make any money from it, there is a terrific thrill from producing a nice volume – even if no one sees it.

Once I have a few in stock I will set up a PAGE to vend from on Sicpress and here, but right now I haven’t got any cash to order a stock pile – which is actually safe.  If you HAVE them around you tend to give them away which can be an expensive hobby.




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