sign spam

i was feeling so smug after i pulled down 11 bandit signs last week…there was still a couple of a annoyances around but nothing substantial….and in the last 48 hours a crew spammed my city with those ‘’ signs. i was shocked at the number it took me about an hour to pull down 30 of them from one stretch around the mall, i am HOPING they just got off at one exit and got on the next exit, hence each intersection had about 6. this morning i will scope out the other highway off ramps around town…i suspect they made MORE than 30 of these personalized signs, made JUST for Methuen.

I had to stop at home depot and buy a new weapon, i had been thinking of wire cutters for quite some time, but i settled for these snips, which reputedly will cut 18gauge wire. These bandit signs were split, one third were stuck in the ground near phone poles and the other two thirds were tied to poles and signs with zipcord. I got some exercise circumnavigating these intersections…i’m at loss how at least two people flooded an area of town with 30 signs and NO ONE SAW THEM, what are they invisible? I really need to finish writing my book on this shit.


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