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2014-07-12 16_41_35-82 Devon Street, Portland ME For Sale - TruliaI thought I had a good grasp on the whole packing thing…but as the days count down, I have absolutely embraced the fact that by the end i will go completely mental.

Despite having gotten rid of any furniture of any size I still seem to have a lot of it..and now almost all my stuff is piled around the place in boxes. I have just about given up keeping it clean, it’s heart breaking but what i have are little pathways between  piles of boxes. If someone vomits, i count myself lucky if i find it by stepping in it. There’s still more yet to pack, but if i packed it, there’s no place for the boxes to live.

I swear i REALLY didn’t think I owned all that much stuff anymore, but i guess having it all neatly out of sight out of mind, in cupboards and closets isn’t the same thing. Hauling every stitch of clothing out of my ONE closet, yields 7 boxes, that doesn’t seem like a fair exchange to me. I still haven’t broken down the food pantry, 1 because some of the foodstuffs are NOT making the trip…ferinstance those unopened boxes of pop tarts are getting donated…and 2, if i boxed them, the boxes would sit in the middle of the kitchen floor, canned goods are things could be packed for a very long time…at least until the end of September when they finish waterproofing the basement. So they would continue to sit on the kitchen floor in the new house as well.

2014-07-15 11_51_54-82 Devon Street, Portland ME - Trulia Even the stuff that IS making the trip, is becoming problematic. I asked the lady IN the house to measure the bedroom slash office window where she has HER work table. Lucky for me my OLD steel desk may just fit there, whereas the very nice desk slash table someone gave me for the new place won’t fit anywhere so I am passing it along to someone else before I go. Unlike HERE where I have lots of room to hide my mistakes, barn, garage, basement, porch….there, if it doesn’t fit, it will basically have to sit in the yard until I can move it. I am trying very hard NOT to fill up the new porch with all my castoffs that i just can’t let go of. I’m going to have to make some new rules about that.

The very awesome kitchen table I bought at reStore is 48″x24″ smallish for a kitchen table or any table for that matter, it seriously reminds of a lot of library tables,  it may not actually FIT in the new kitchen comfortably.  I have been using it constantly for packing and shipping and sorting,  all banged up and scratched it is my new favorite thing. So screw the kitchen, the table is coming, black and blue hips are a small price to pay.

The plumber is coming on the 11th to remove the baseboard from under the window/soon to be a door. Once that door goes in, it will be way easier to trundle in all the boxes of books staight into the living room piling them against the wall, creating a cat stair case to the hole in the ceiling to the bedroom. When all is said and done, will will put a hole in the floor for winter, leading them down to the nice warm basement area. Hopefully by giving them their own spaces, they will stay out of mine.  Which reminds me I have to make sure i bring all the tools I need to build the internal screen doors, the door frames are undersized, so nothing off the rack will fit, so i will build my own.

I had to turn down a very kind offer to borrow a truck…the truck is an f350 for hauling equipment… I could have probably loaded it fine off my back porch here, but there is no such dock at the new house…pulling boxes and materials off a truck bed chest high would have gotten old very quickly.   I broke down and rented a 16′ Pensky truck for the 14th…i’m a little shocked that seems cheaper than I had expected it to be, but in the end I am sure it will cost more than the quote. But since it is a walkout cube truck, it will be worth it.  I can load nearly everything of size and weight at point A and unload it at point B, and if i have the energy I can make two trips, but I doubt that will happen.   I can’t really move the computer, the products or the cats until the new porch is completely enclosed and i doubt that will happen until the week after.

Having to gauge  how many trips to take is probably the backwards manner of moving, most people do it in one big push with a couple of little ones, but until that magic porch goes in, pushing just creates a problem…and I can’t wait until the last minute, either. I need more ROOM in the ROOM to do more packing.  I am dreading packing the books from the glass cabinet… the most dangerous point in a books life is when it is in a cardboard box…minding its business up on a shelf it is safe.  Getting dragged around in a non descript box, it is vulnerable.  I even wish I had a cupboard to put them in for now. perhaps i will put them in the kitchen cupboards and leave the pots and pans in their boxes.   I swear some days I just feel I am moving boxes from one side of the room to the other without getting anywhere substantively. Like I said…i will only get worse from here on end….

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