slow moving yet good ideas

neither of which are directly book related but that hasn’t stopped me before, has it?

worth trying • Daily Danny blog gave me the heads up on RENTACRATE’s New RENTABOX, which can be rented by the week or puchased by the bundle. Wouldn’t it be the balls to have these buggers around instead of the free cardboard type? Leaving asside from the fact that book dealers are always broke, I am of a split mind about this. Is it worse to use recycled cardboard boxes and then recycle them or buy these no doubt plastic yet reusable items. Ideally if i needed such things on a long term basis i would pick them up a bundle at a time at specific intervals. but that’s just me.

worth trying • Micrsquish has finally accepted the fact that they shippy buggy products and will forever ship buggy products. Hence they are adding automagic fix-it option to thousands of MS Knowledge Base articles so that users can simply click a button to resolve the problem.”Microsoft reports that over 75,000 customers have used the system since it was introduced in December of 2008, and over 95 percent of those customers found it resolved the problem with no further assistance needed. ” Do we think is will repay us for all the hundreds of thousands of hours we have spent on hold with MS Customer Support only to discover that Customer Support had died and been burried back in the 90s? Doubtful, but at least it will save us hundreds of hours that we can now waste Twittering our lives away.

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