slow news day

moveable feast • Poor Andrei Codrescu and his books are moving again.

Books don’t like to move much after their first big move, equivalent to human birth, which is out of a bookstore into a house. They don’t mind being dragged from a shelf to a couch, but that’s their maximum allowance for distance. Books are bourgeois, like cats; they mostly like sleeping and being leafed through. (For cats, that’s scratching).”

talking head • Instapundit has an podcast interview with Vernor Vinge

banktoaster • offers 1000MB of free space. this is swell…it would be a great place for me to keep my leftist swill! so easy for the feds to keep tabs on me. doncha love technology?

banktoaster • Ikea has a free downloadable Office Planner. And Google’s newest toy is a I remember when this kinda of CAD was exotic and unheard of, now it’s free – go figure.

in the news • pleasantly long piece about a ‘Books with a Past ‘ in Concord, MA

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