slow news day

“Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?” – M. C. Escher

Our friend Wm. Blum “I can’t go to Cuba because my country is run by idjits”. Is back in the news. Apparently Osama has time on his hands to do a little reading.

French Philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy retraces Tocqueville’s steps to see if America is really as bad as his countrymen say it is.

Duke of Gloucester needs some ching to pay the taxman so he is selling some family bling : a 1595 copy of ‘The Gentlemans Academie’ or ‘The Booke of St Albans’ by the prioress of Sopwell Nunnery.

sotto voce: am i the ONLY one who things a book about christ by Anne Rice is a hell of a lot more unsettling than a tv show about a guy who TALKS to the christ in his head?

another tidbit worth reading: Frank Rich’s NYT OP-Ed piece about “Truthiness in fact and fiction being a a toboggan into chaos.” Yummy.

Paul Beatty’s NYT essay on Black Humor is also worth spending some time with.


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