small house, big snow

2015-02-10 10.29.23 I took a snow day from my part time job today…ostensibly to tackle the snow problem…but actually I wanted to get ahead with the editing job….i confess i DID shovel a bit, not enough…it’s never enough it seems..but despite carrying the project around with me from room to room since yesterday afternoon I STILL haven’t done anything with it. I don’t know if its writer’s block, i doubt it, and i don’t think there is such a thing as editor’s block..i think i’m just being a dick. I have doubled the dose of caffeine needed to do the job but i still don’t feel awake. I shoveled the porch and the walk and made a bit of a stab at the end of the driveway. I haven’t bothered unlacing the boots, I need to get the rest of it done AND i need to get some editing done… After all I am PAYING for it by losing 4 hours of day labor… that’s the same as if i HIRED someone to do the snowblowing..which i really should have done. More snow coming on Thursday you know.. and it’s wasted daylight I need for editing… I think we both know that when the sun goes down I’m pretty much a zombie. I can’t decided what to blame…the snow, the seasonal affective disorder or just my laziness. To be fair, this is a shit ton of snow.   If I fell out the back door I would definitely drown in it.

2015-02-10 11.30.38 I should write a post called ‘the Fat Chick’s guide to Shoveling’ – Basically do it in stages, small shovel, small scoops, allowing me to fling them extra far up over the 8 foot drifts. These leather hiking boots are the best things I ever found at a Goodwill. $189 boots for $20, warm, waterproof with good tread…as much as i have loved my LL Bean boots over the decades, they are cold on the feet and slippery on the bottom and overheat when you come inside. These vasque brand I can wear all day, which i have basically been doing. All the rest of my outerwear came from thrift shops EMS shell, Vintage red checkered flannel shirt, fleece vest, scarf, gloves, ear muffs etc, all  so i can go out bundled up like a tick and start shedding pieces of my clothing as I start to overheat. When I get to the point where I can’t take anything else off, I come inside to cool down and warm up. When I am dry enough I bundle back up again to go out and do it all over again. Everyday when the mail man DOES Come he finds me outside shoveling, it has become a running joke. I know the shoveling is giving me a workout, it’s good for my stamina, and probably my shoulder muscles, but it certainly hasn’t knocked any weight off. For that I have to wait for spring. Winter is mostly for standing in place and flinging snow as far as i can.


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