smells like holiday spirit

The cat people dragged me to the xmas yankee swap, not that a free meal isn’t always welcome, and the vodka laced punch was swill, oops no swell. I dunno who invented a yankee swap, it’s one of those goofy ass ‘games’ like they play at bridal showers. Everyone brings a gift, you take a number, people pick gifts in order and choose to keep it or swap with someone else. Then the first person gets to choose from all the gifts. I got the last number, therefore I got the last unchosen present, which as luck would have it was the one I brought- hey . . . it was very nice, it was a Lenox china Snowman Christmas ornament with a little American flag in his fist, I had just wrapped it in nondescript wrapping paper. I could have swapped with someone else , but what hell, I still had the receipt it. So you KNOW where that little bugger went.

It’s not that I am anti-christmas, well actually I am. It’s just that I strive to be a low stress kinda gal. My family always ran christmas as something midway between the D Day invasion and the death march of Bataan, you didn’t buy and present presents because you wanted to, but because you were supposed to. You didn’t cook and serve a huge unending dinner to all and sundry because you wanted to but because you would look bad if you didn’t. Basically when out and about at the holiday season I get revulsed by the panicked glazed over look in the eyes of shoppers maniacally charging around in SUV’s loaded with Christmas cheer. I am not fond of the holiday but the season’s alright in my book.

Personally my holy day, the day I live for, the day I luxuriate in and the one can’t wait to experience again and again is – the day after a nor’easter. The day after the day mother nature drops upwards of 8 inches of snow on our ass. The roads, if they are plowed at all, are almost empty and the silence is deafening. You and your neighbors are forced to shovel your own driveway while the sunshine reflects off the as yet unmarred snowdrifts. Though I will admit, a few assholes with their snowblowers do ruin the mood, they usually get it over quick. Bad weather gives you a free pass to blow off work or school or any other obligations – because of course it would be irresponsible of you to DRIVE in this weather- hee hee.

Thanks to Global Warming these days come fewer and far between. If I’m lucky we may have as many as 2 or 3 a year – now THAT’s a day to look forward to. To plan for, to indulge in. This year I have a couple of yummy books and some mulled hard cider just waiting for —-wait a minute! is that a nor’easter coming in that I smell?

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