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hacked bookcase
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some days I even impress myself…i don’t know if it was cleverness or just plain laziness. Eons ago, I built this 9+ high bookcase specifically for paperbacks. Since then I have sold off half of them and now desperately need bookshelves of a taller variety. The thought of taking the whole thing apart and resizing the shelves filled me with ….ennui.

So after starring at it for a good long while, I got the idea to pry up a couple of the shelves to make very tall ones. Little did I know that I only had to pry up the front screws and then the shelves just tilted back….ppppuuuurfect. I’m a genius.

You know I could have easily destroyed the entire thing and had it come crashing down on my head. but that will be tomorrows entertainment.

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