snap – the job’s a game

i need a diet…i have been on the OTHER side of the camera so long that recently when my picture has been taken, i don’t recognize myself.  granted i have always carried a few pounds and like a lot of folks my weight goes up and down dependent on exactly how suicidal i feel, but seriously if people are going to keep taking my picture something has to be done.

usually when i work at it i eat healthy low carb high protein foods..but these last 6 months i haven’t been working at it..nor thinking about it. i have been scarfing chips and soda like vitamins.  I get busy and distracted as well as cheap and lazy.   I mean i KNOW how to cook…i really do…and shop but damn it…i just don’t have the damn like the rest of america i am guilty of making myself sick.

The only way i have ever found to alter my personal behavior is to make a game of something…or just impose a couple of easy to remember rules…so far it has worked on other fronts where i am struggling.

For example when trying to pare down my belongings, i simply ask myself a question or two…have i used or worn it in a year? is it broken? do i have something else that does the same thing etc?  usually the item gets donated or pitched etc…saving energy I simply never use hot water to launder, i didn’t bother fixing the dryer, lightbulbs hardly use em, paper towels don’t buy em..etc..

So i guess when it comes to curbing my diet…yet once again…i am going to have to impose some rules even I can remember…I like Mike Pollan’s rules – don’t buy anything with more than 5 ingredients, don’t buy anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize, don’t eat anything that won’t eventually rot, don’t fill up your tank the same place you fill up your car…those are easy ones… here’s one i didn’t know “Don’t eat breakfast cereals that change the color of the milk.” damn.. but basically that one is already negated by the Grandmother rule. I see it’s supposed to be great grandmother..but i think that all depends on one’s age doesn’t it.

Well, i guess no more smore’s poptarts and baked lay chips…but seriously the double wide backside has gotta go.

as for the chicks was just laying around. ..i took it at the feed store…..i happen to like the red lighting.






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