sniffed out a solution

Send Later 3 extension for the Thunderbird email. Send Later does exactly what it is supposed to do, schedule emails so that they are send out at a later point in time. You have two options. It can highjack the Send button to display a send later menu on every send, or be used via buttons that need to be placed on one of the available composition toolbars.The computer has to be on and Thunderbird has to be running for it to work …damn…close but so far away…. I supposed it doesn’t really matter as long as it comes in the inbox once a day..but some days i don’t turn on the big computer just the laptop. still looking for a more automated option.

AHA! Why is it when you start looking for something you think is going to be hard to find…it ends up being right under your nose? and then you feel like a schmuck. I have a number of domains and emails with Godaddy I don’t know about anyone else but I have always been quite happy with their service..and shockingly I only become more enamored of it when I discover something else about them. Well their email client interface HAS a scheduling function, so i can schedule an email to be sent to myself from my own account whenever the hell I want. So it looks like I will be able to tackle Dickens after all. Unless something else happens that proves me wrong, again.

But first I have to finish Diary of a Nobody of Grossmith  a  classic comedic novel punch  Punch in 1888 – 89, and printed in book form in 1892. I can only read Three Men in a Boat only so many times.

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