snow day

2014-02-10 08.01.51I dunno why i bother to keep writing…nothing much has changed, cept my situation get more dire…more mundane, more lackluster and less worthy of words. Today the broker and i had no luck getting Himself and Mrs Himself to agree to lower the price of the property. If that doesn’t happen, it could linger on the market for months and years…i’ve seen it happen. It just proves that the owner isn’t really interested in selling, they are just trying to recoup losses. I sent Mrs Himself a couple of texts accusing them of bargaining in bad faith, there was no response. So the next email I sent was to the lawyer, i am not sure what other steps are open to me besides a full on suit..and knowing Himself it will just make him dig in his heels. What’s the use of pretending that i was going to be able to sell up and move on to a better or at least different life. It is highly doubtful. My brother is an evil bitter sort, and fucking me over is more fun for him than selling the property will be profitable. All my planning and preparations for moving are just wasted efforts. I can’t even bring myself to publish any more books… the library hasn’t placed a resale order since last may and won’t reply to my emails. There is no sense in continuing to work on Maine titles, if i will be here for the forseable future. I am just sliding deeper into debt and my truck functions a little worse everyday. I had planned on investing a large portion of the sale in my busines, enough to turn it from the pathetic hobby into a viable concern. But that’s postponed until Himself has finished toying and torturing me.

I took in a couple of fosters for the time being, a black one newly rescued from the snow and already heading to friends of friends, and this little white calico, who has another fosster home waiting for her next week. Keeping my hand in for rescues, keeps me linked up with free food and vet care should i need

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it. I may have a maltese coming by this weekend, i don’t often foster dogs, so this will be different. Meanwhile it just keeps on snowing……

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