snow forts

snowy1It’s not the 28 inches I minded….it was the drifts. Both doors of the house had 4 foot drifts in front of them…and the front door opens OUT. I don’t even want to talk about the eight foot pile of snow on top of the porch box with the extra cat litter and cat food in it. If i dug it out I have nearly no where for that snow to go…ok, WHEN i dig it out. I knew I would be late for work, i just didn’t know HOW late. I started digging at about 9am and didn’t make it until 11:30. So much snow and no place to put it. YES I MOVED HERE ON FREAKING PURPOSE.

I seem to be the only person on the block who digs themselves out with a shovel.  The old biddies have services come and blow them and everyone else kinda blows themselves.  Yes I mean that like it sounded.  It would be nice if someone offered once in a while, I’m not saying all the time. But what the city plow put in front of my truck was sinful.  I calculated it to be someplace around 35 cubic feet JUST in front of the truck.

I shudder to think was i shifted getting up to the porch. It was well over the mailbox.  But i cleared it and a good amount of the porch just in time to put out my mail….which didn’t GET picked up, since for the there was no mail delivery…WHY i don’t know, the roads were fine. Yes I freely admit, if I didn’t have a cockamamie part time job to go to, i would have let that snow linger as long as reasonably possible and dicked around at my leisure getting rid of it. But there’s MORE SNOW COMING in the next few days, and I DO have that editorial meeting tomorrow, so sooner or later it would have had to get shifted and the sun was out today.

Yes, I moved here DELIBERATELY.


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