snow marches on

All this damn snow has broken my spirit, all I want to do is keep warm. Of course eat and sleep, but that’s normal.

worth reading • un-published story by Mark Twain “The Undertaker’s Tale will finally see print, in the pages of the mystery quarterly The Strand Magazine.

blog of note • from J. L. BELL’s Boston 1775 Blog: The Boston Public Library, Massachusetts Historical Society, and Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello are among the organizations presenting a conference titled “John Adams & Thomas Jefferson: Libraries, Leadership and Legacy” in Boston and Charlottesville this June.

well worth reading • Exile Bibliophile has a post up at the revised edition of Fine Books Blog at “A Bookbinder’s Ticket and Bookseller Labels”

really well worth reading • from the Guardian – What choice of reading material would impress you in a potential date – and which book would be a big turn-off?

banktoaster • HTML to PDF Converter to Turn Web Sites into PDF Files

cool tools • LAMY pen finally has a USA site up, Lamy makes affordable casual fountain pens. the kind that don’t break your heart too much when you lose it. But this little item had not up until now been vended in the USA. A wooden fountain pen for school children. Think one little pen can slow the progress of technology? Nah, neither do i.


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