catwdrawers I finally took the time to add the pulls to this tiny chest of drawers i bought…when? last fall? I had figured I would strip it once i moved…but since that’s an unknown, i just threw the pulls on it, so i could finally use it.   Of course I had a little help from Walter, I blame him for the last one coming out crooked.

It is warming up here in New England, mud season is ending, snowdrops, and crocus are appearing. Debris and clutter we lived with all winter now looks unsettling. I moved all the cages off the porch and started storing stuff in the small garage. I even put a months worth of recycling out on the curb….albeit a week early. The city can go Eff themselves.. i am trying not to say Fuck…. 40 years of taxes and no city trash collection should get me a little consideration.

I spent some time studying the HUD Homestore website, where they give you all the information you need to bid on a home owned by HUD  – or rather have your broker bid for you…it seems rather simple…as long as you don’t get outbid. I downloaded their iphone app  to start monitoring it for the appearance of ‘THE HOUSE’ –trust me…you aren’t the only one wondering, what am i gonna do, if i don’t get that exact house?…essentially i will weep,  rend and wail, not bath for a month, eat gallons of ice cream, puke it up and eat circus peanuts, puke that up and then  take a shower and start looking for another one to fall in love with, just like a breakup—


Essentially I am voluntarily becoming a ‘housewife’….shocking.  I spent more time picking out this house than i did my exhusband, and if all the stars align right…it will bring me a lot more joy and be a lot more loyal than he ever was. And if get to spend the rest of my life with it, it will probably cost me the same amount of money.   I will just have to bid what I would have expected to pay a broker…. It’s not  like I have a runner up.  But that’s for later, if i think about it everyday until then, I will lose my mind.


Supposedly we had to sign the P&S this week for THIS house..but i have heard nothing, I guess no one has heard anything – i have no idea what to make of that. Lawyers are a passive agressive breed, i think they keep you waiting like Doctors, so by the time they decide to get around to you, you don’t waste the time you are paying for.

The whole “wait and see” thing is completely new experience for a control freak like me.  For good or bad,  I am usually the one causing shit to happen to me, not waiting for it to happen to me.  That’s one of factors driving me to move, so that I can continue to decide what course my life takes, not the bill collectors, or Himself  and Mrs. Himself.   I pulled up my credit report yesterday, it’s not good, but it’s not as bad as I figured.  I have lived without credit and paying cash for over 10 years, so long that there aren’t any outstanding debts on it,  the report is essentially neutral.   If I play my cards right, I will be debt free in that little house for a while, and if i can bring up my income, i can stay that way.

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