so far so good

So far this week I have done very little blogging….but I have rescued two cats including a medical emergency, met with 2 different newspapers regarding the bloody rail trail project, freecycled 2 chairs, 2 lamps, a tool box and other sundry items, craiglisted a GPS and 300K postage stamps someone once paid me with. And so far the thing that gave me the most satisfaction was washing the kitchen floor. The more items i shed the more i want to get rid of. (yes i realize i ended 2 sentences with prepositions, sue me)

Previously I had limited my ‘spring’ cleaning to books and other salable materials. The good stuff you process immediately after you buy it, the unimportant you let pile up and get to it when you get to it. The older I get the more squalid my hovel gets. I once drew a line in the sand regarding cardboard boxes, if they come past the threshold they get emptied and they go back outside. It is too easy to let them hang around ignored for years sometimes. Cardboard is a terrible magnet, drawing dirt, moisture and pests to itself. I found processing the contents into piles of like items pushes me to action. Where as avoiding things is easy if they stay in the box they came in.

My mother’s furniture is mostly gone, and mine is nearly down to bare essentials, though i have my eye on a few more victims. The concept of open floor space takes getting used to. Bookcases of course are sacrosanct and if can squeeze another in I will. I am still turning up things I had no idea i had and many things I have no use for. god knows i REALLY love freecycle. i put things on the porch and they magically go away. Craigslist is worth a shot for larger valuable items, if they fail to move at a price, they usually will move on freecycle. Even boxes of books go away on freecycle, not so much on Craiglist unless they have some curious merit or potential resale, but non book items fair fairly well.

If all of those fail there is always straight donation to thrift shops. These days I am favoring the small senior center thrift shop, they seem to be the most grateful. There is always the ever popular put it front stoop and time how long it takes to disappear- i once put a box of Time Life books out and it took a week, a lamp however seems to take overnight and a bike frame a few minutes.

Once I get some floor space I can tackle the books with the most dust on them. I’m gonna try the old toss, keep, sell, donate and sell pile method.

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