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now that i am completely and utterly broke..i didn’t figured i would get laid off this time… i believed my boss when he kept telling me i’d get MORE money later on…yea i know i have heard that before… I have got to start SELLING any of the titles that are ‘finished’ so i can scrape up enough money to buy copies to vend locally…not to mention paying a bill or two..or five.

I have loaded all the titles that are ready to be drop shipped onto Ebay and Yes they will automatically come up on Amazon..but if the payments go through Amazon or even the Createspace website, i won’t see the money for 45 days. I figure if I can get paid via paypal or CC upfront then i can drop ship the items until I get a stockpile of them in house…at least that’s the plan.

There are three titles getting proof read with the Mayor’s secretary ..and one with a friend of mine….i am going to drop the 1888 Howe at the Mayor’s office, perhaps i can get him to write a preface. Louise the Special Collections librarian wrote a preface to the Tenth of January and it was a great addition to the edition.

Meanwhile it is taking me FOR FUCKING EVER to finish indexing the 1918 dorgan the damn thing is 300 pages…i need to keep books down to an affordable level, so i had to drop all the adverts from the back matter. and Once i get it indexed, i need to add in the illustrations from the original. and THEN keep it to a List Price under $20.

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