so i was in the shower….

and i came  up with a great idea…not for you but for me and someone else…but it’s cool trust me.  So i am in the shower, alone, naked with this idea and all i can think of is…don’t forget it by the time you get out..which for the normal person unless otherwise engaged  is usually only a few minutes but that’s all it takes is a few minutes for an idea to simply evaporate like it never existed.  Is that age or is that just me?

So i get up in the wee hours get my shit together,  clean the house, feed the animals, take a shower, have a brainstorm, text the pertinent party, and then have a lie down to watch some telly and completely fall asleep again.  but i DID remember to text it.  I DID not loose the idea.  Granted it doesn’t seem as brainstormy as it did in the shower but it is holding up nicely.

Basically a friend is fundraising for a wolf hybrid rescue group and i am fund raising for a pet rescue group so if we kick each other in the ass everyday we may be able to publish some sort of fundraising product.  The end product is still finding its feet but it will get there.

meanwhile  I spent last night working out the ebay/paypal/missionfish details so that can get donations through stuff vended on EBAY…so folks tithe away! I have already loaded two items – we can do with any small percentage you want to give.  Yesterday we rescued a mother cat and her kittens from inside a recycling dumpster where they would have come to a quick end.



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