so much crap – so little room.

I spent the last 2 days cleaning what I laughingly call ‘the bindery’ – it’s just a glorified closet with windows. not really enough room to do anything but turn around. I had it filled with shipping materials and book repair supply stock as well as unfinished projects. I had to move all that stuff into the basement. I did get it cleaned up enough to set up the video camera and lights more or less permanently. Whenever I have made a book repair video, I have had to clean off my desk and set up lights – big pain in the ass. Hopefully I can just turn it on when I am doing something interesting.

As for the 30 boxes of fucking unsellable postage stamps I put them in the kitchen on the empty bookcase under the guy upstairs toilet – maybe we will have another leak the damn things will be destroyed. Whoever said you can sell postage stamps on eBay was a damned liar.

As for the wall of photos, I took the pictures down(all mine) so they could paint the ceiling after the a last leak. Well the ceiling didn’t get painted and 2 of the frames got broken while I was waiting. So I am putting them back up – they are safer there.

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