so now i know what a sprained ankle feels like.

start off with a jam packed schedule.
i had 5 reams of specialty paper to get to the printer
an overnight book to ups
and about 2 weeks of book deodorizer orders to the Post Office.
a large amount of stuff to the post office.
AND buy cat food and detergent.
you get the idea…lost of heavy stuff has to go all around town

and while I was dragging boxes out to the porch, i tripped over the granite lintel and sprained my ankle…..and that was an interesting feeling…it was probably the most painful thing I have ever felt.

I limped around thru all my errands….whilst driving a truck with a CLUTCH…a CLUTCH what the hell was i thinking when i bought that???

Now i am in and sitting down and the excrutiating pain is back. WTF? i didn’t break anything, i’m not bleeding…but my ankle feels like there’s a red hot poker stuck in it. Now if i had health insurance I would run right down to the ER and find out what’s wrong. but as it is…i am just gonna see if there is any PORT left in the bar.

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