so that's what happens when the eletricity goes away . . .

Let me tell you about my yesterday, and you DO wanna hear about my day, trust me. If anything it will give you a vicarious ‘gee my life ain’t so bad’ feeling. Green means normal, Red means anything but.

6am feed the cats – including the newly trapped mama and 2 babies hold up in the linen closet waiting for a foster home.
7am surf and craigslist etc for job prospects, email & fax 9 resumes.
9am answer emails while eating breakfast. no orders.
9:30am call part time job to reschedule, as not enough gas in tank to take me the hours drive.
9:35am find out entire part time job has been postponed due to lack of funding.
10am to pick up supplies in Lowell including ‘amazing ink erasers’ for which I have open orders
10:30am find that ink erasers hadn’t arrived from source vendor
11:00am nearly get killed on twisty river road by flatbed truck driver practicing road rage; fruitlessly call 911 from car; drive to police station to make report.
12:00pm arrive home find electric meter locked (so, i missed my last tithe to the utility gods – who among us hasn’t?)
12:30 make a few cell phone calls, arrange email access.
1:00pm get response to this morning’s resume castings – local newspaper publisher planning expansion wants a sit down.
1:30pm show up early willing to concede to sexual favors in exchange for regular paycheck
1:45 hired – though i am still not sure what exactly – my biz card will read photojournalist.
2:00pm have assignment to interview Town Manager for 800wd premier issue puff piece
(somewhere in here, the publisher fell asleep on the couch mid sentence – no sexual favors were required)
3:00pm design newspaper’s new letterhead, biz cards and logo.
5:00pm was driven by publisher to illegal bar/speakeasy in search of cash to turn electricity back on – incredibly friendly drunk and stoned regulars introduced themselves to me, some repeatedly.
6:00pm we visit a local bait shop where enough ready cash was borrowed from the register to sate utility company
7:00pm finally showed up at old employee’s residence to piggyback on her internet service
7:20pm pick up emails – no orders.
9:00pm stopped at ‘MY’ local bar where meatloaf dinner was comped (the bar owner numbers among the folks who either owe me money outright or ‘hired’ me only to find they really couldn’t afford to pay me. So far this year that’s happened on FIVE occasions. Why do people think I am such a schmuck?)
10:30pm curled up with hurricane lantern, shortwave radio and cats

So that was my Tuesday – wasn’t that fun? . . . I know it had damn all to do with books or bookselling, but unless you have a straight job to cover your bills you are basically living book order to book order. And I am not yet doing any double backflips about this new job, I have been distracted by smoke blown up my whatsit before. When I have a non-bouncing paycheck with my name on it, I will let go of the breath I am holding.

but today’s Wednesday you say…so it is..
WED: flat tire, leaky gas tank, tithed electric lords, transported another feral family to vet, dropped ‘film’ off to be developed as digital camera is broken
12:pm waiting for power, ensconced at ‘my’ bar pirating their internet to blog by
2:00pm let there be light – now i get to work on an large contract editing project tossed my way by a very generous and trusting friend for which I will have to wait for payment. oh joy.

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