so this happened. . .

 The weather’s changing…i’m starting to nest again…this is how my stress manifests…i am vacillating between depressed, where i do nothing and stressed where i try to do everything.

i was depressed the other day, so i watched nothing but extreme couponers which made me physically ill…who the fuck wants to own 1000 tubes of COLGATE toothpaste? Colgate it the one they give you when you are homeless or burned out of your house…show me 1000 tubes of Toms of Maine Baking Soda toothpaste and i will wrestle you to the death. These people are just the clean cousins of the Hoarders people. same illness different symptoms….

That of course, lead me to watching youtube videos about PREPPING…which is what they call it when you have the stockpiling symptom but your excuse is that you are waiting for something BAD to happen in your life where you will need it. Before Katrina we could laugh at these people…since then we have to always undercut it with ….”you know they may have a point.”

Needless to say being utterly broke, i don’t have the ability to indulge in either of these abundant stockpiling fantasies…i think struggle to keep the cupboard stocked with an empty bank account, led me to watching these videos, like a person on a diet watching Paula Deen.

Regardless – I started out the day with about 100 bucks in the bank, after shipping customer orders all morning, i went to Home Depot, Walmart and The supermarket and ended up with about $12 which i will have to hope propagates during the night because i still haven’t bought any gasoline.

With $25 I redid the closet into a hardware store/pantry (i had all the pegboard on the porch)….THIS WAS indeed ON MY TO DO LIST…it was just way down at the bottom. The reason I pushed or rather dragged it to the top: I WANT to spend the weekend listing stuff on ebay…yes I CAN CONNECT those two me…. and the stuff i need to list is all in sealed boxes stacked around my tiny office…meanwhile the closet was basically empty cept for some items piled into it. So I figured if i added shelves I could get MORE stuff into the closet and off the floor in the office…so i would have ROOM TO OPEN THE BOXES of stuff and sort the things i want to put up on ebay to make some money. TADA

SEE? told you i could rationalize spending $25 on wood for shelving. Money trickles into my accounts and then evaporates like spit on a griddle. We have a storm coming here in New England..and the last few years..any storm at all is a chance of losing power..strangely more often than i ever remembered. Personally i can go a couple of days with just the food in my cupboards….i can eat any sort of cereal for 72 hours no problem. But I usually only have a few days of cat food in house. One of my goals with the closet is to squirrel away some extra cans so i WOULD have 3 days extra on hand..there’s no such thing as EXTRA in my house, so this is gonna be tricky.

I spent my last $6 bucks on a chicken today…I’m gonna cook that first thing and perhaps make some potato salad or something..stuff i can eat cold if i lose power. At least that’s the plan.

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