so what are you looking at?

i got a little behind in somethings…but ahead in others…..

Not a holiday goes by i am not grateful my mother is six feet under, but she does still manage to pop her head up now and then. “Regardless of whether you have company coming or not, the house gets picked up and cleaned,”….my words, she wasn’t that lucid…but it’s like when you go on vacation, it helps to come back to a clean house, or rather it is decidedly nicer than coming home to the mess I normally live in. I started getting crap out of the way, i got that stupid wonky trolling motor boxed out and shipped back to the company. The living room looked decidedly better after the motor and all the boxes it hadn’t fit into were gone. I had already donated a large box of cameras, and started another one. I still have a few nicely working Polaroids to unload, that should get another box out of the kitchen. I had to make a push on selling more dvds to get pocket money, I bought enough pet food and groceries to keep me away from the stores until well past Monday.

Meanwhile, I brought the Spinach and brown rice dressing along with BOTH dogs to Thanksgiving with the wild life rescue folks, with all the coming and going there was up to seven dogs underfoot.  Made my house seem quiet in comparison.  The pictured cat was a problem child that seems to have found her place at the table, she had been dumped on the rescue folks, then sent for adoption then returned then she was in a cage with me and finally got turned loose with the pack and became a completely sweet and happy creature, go figure.   BTW the wolf hybrid rescue folks have a new rescue coming in Sunday and i am going to drag my cameras up there to document the occasion. That should give me some interesting images.

Black Friday or Monday be damned.  Have a happy Holiday.


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