so, you have a camera

someone on the Unclutterer forum..yes there is such a thing…asked for a group think about what to do with their old camera she had in her basement… is my advice:
I HAVE cameras in my fact…i’m the person people GIVE those cameras too.

Clean it and check the battery and run some film through it.
if you were going to give it away you’d need to know if it works anyway.
if you aren’t willing to do that much then donate it.

Once you run the film through it, if you enjoyed it.
then try taking it out with you,  shoot 1 roll a month or something.
If you find you AREN’T using it for 1 roll a month,
then donate it to a student.  the camera needs to be loved not dusted.

Mike Raso at Film Photography Project
will take your WORKING donation and give it a student of photography.

35MM film is still made – you can save money by letting the drop off place JUST DEVELOP the negative and sleeve it, then scan the negatives and use them as digital images.

a GOOD 35mm Camera is still a good camera and holds its value.
my Canon AE-1 is the camera i would still choose over any of my digital cameras and is the one i grab in case of file,  a Pentax K100 is about the same.
Lenses are still available and reasonably priced.

120 film is still made but hard to get developed. there are some places that will develop it reasonably…..i use Blue Moon Camera in Portland – they are fast and inexpensive, and their customers service is awesome

The Medium format is still popular with a certain geek element..the plastic artsy HOLGA camera keeps the 120 film alive…but developing is inconvenient so it is NOT like having an instamatic. I use it in my Mamyia 645 which is the size of my arm.

127 film isn’t really being though you can still order it at about $9 a roll…. it is being cut from sheets of kodak or the b/w is from eastern europe. development is REALLY hard, use Blue Moon or find someplace that uses the old fashioned dip and dunk machine. (all those cute antique cameras use this size)

110 film is also not really being made though like the 127 you can still GET IT at Frugal Photographer along with 127 film

35mm ABS film is NOT being made… if you have a 35MM camera that takes those little cartridges dump it.

Most Slide film is not being made, even fuji just discontinued their best slide film.

Polaroid went bankrupt – over the century they basically made 3 different types of instant cameras.

film for the ORIGINAL LAND Camera is no longer being made. this is the classic one your grandfather had….i almost said your father… it has a bellows and the film was on SPOOLS and had to be painted to stop the development.

the 100 series...(200, 300, 400, 600 )  this it the traditional kind that got pulled out from the SIDE and peeled away.    FUJI still makes film for that… it’s not too expensive, has to be ordered online and it still fun for parties. BUT the batteries for these cameras are $15.    So you CAN buy them altered for AAA or get yours altered.

The PX70 film for the SX series camera is NOT being made.  This is the film that SPITS out the front you see it a lot in the movies.  This film had a small battery IN the box with the film.

this is a much loved camera and film….the guys from the IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT   bought an old Polaroid film factory in europe and have been trying to REPLICATE the film ever since.  they have many different PX70 style films available  as yet they haven’t succeeded in their task
but a LOT of people buy the film at $10 a pack of 10 shots

HOWEVER barring all that..

FUJI bought the patent on Polaroid’s process. they make a SMALL instant camera that produces a business card sized image. it’s cute and it’s fun, it’s cheap and all the big box stores carry the film.  unless you are seriously into photography buy the Fuji INSTAX and save yourself the headaches.

This reminds me i have a boat load of cameras to list on ebay.


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