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Four days I have been trying to SIT and write some stuff that is scratching inside my head, but i have either been running full bore or my brain has been in neutral. I don’t know whether i should blame it on caffeine levels or not.

Friday I spent the entire day getting to an Emergency Management class on Social Media and Disaster Response and Recovery, one hour drive time getting there and two hours back, (true story) needless to say I aced the course. Most of it was redundant, but i did get a better gasp on inter-connectivity. All the Emergency training means nothing, we lost our Emergency Response director and the police chief is inadequate to the task. But it’s universal and portable training, so more is always better.

Needless to say I doubled up on the caffeine to get me through Friday which kept me wired well into Saturday. I shipped most of the unprocessed orders, then managed to get the large workbench broken down and delivered to the wildlife rescue folks. That frees up a lot of space in the apartment. Another step in the goal to reduce the amount of shit I own by half. The next big chore is to empty a storage closet of outdated projects and supplies i don’t need. It’s on my to-do list.

I can simply not remember what i did with Sunday; i think it involved reading things, eating things and watching Abbot and Costello Meets Frankenstein.

Today I delivered sweet and cuddly Alby to a new home in Sudbury…one hour down and an hour getting back, then i cashed in the remainder of my chips for foodstuffs and gas. Not one bill paid yet this month and there is a hollow sound coming from the bank. But i did adopt out one cat, that’s a win.

I have another post about publishing i am trying to finish for tomorrow..but it’s almost tomorrow now…..

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