Sol Invictus (rebirth of the sun)

calendar •
c.1642 – Isaac Newton is born (using the old Gregorian calendar) (d 1727)
1721 – William Collins is born (d 1759) pre-Romantic English poet
1760 – Juptier Hammon, NY slave, publishes poetry in “An Evening ThroughtTry as I might – this is the only thing that an be found out about Mr. Hammon. So apparently he isn’t as well remembered as we would like to think he is.

1832 – Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in St. Martin at Cape Receiver
1833 – Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in Port Desire, Patagonia
1834 – Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas on Beagle at Tres Montes, Chile
1835 – Charles Darwin’s company celebrates Christmas in Pahia, New Zealand

1848 –
Alexandre Dumas’ play Monte Cristo opens at New York City’s Broadway Theatre.
1854 – Wood-pulp paper 1st exhibited, Buffalo
1890 – Robert Ripley is born, collector of odd facts (d. 1949)
1892 – Rebecca West is born, English author (d.1983)
1908 – Quentin Crisp is born, English author (d. 1999)
1923 – Fifty-seven-year-old H. G. Wells spends Christmas morning playing with his new toy soldiers.
1924 – Rod Serling is born, American television writer (d. 1975)
1931 – Carlos Castaneda is born, US, writer/mystic
1939 – Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is read on the radio for the first time (CBS radio).
1939 – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is introduced by Montgomery Ward stores.
1950 – Dick Tracy married on Tess Truehart.
1968 – Frank Borman’s Christmas reading while orbiting Moon. Apollo 8 Christmas Broadcast.

worth hearing • from NPR – folks looking for favorite recipes lost to Katrina have turned to Marcelle Bienvenu, a New Orleans chef, and Judy Walker, food editor for the New Orleans Times-Picayune. web 2.0 is getting more and more useful eh?

banktoaster • also from NPR Author Chris Offutt Reads his new short story ‘A Good Pine’

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