Solder day

Last night I finished off the second of the tiny Elenco practice soldering boards. After the 1st one i found this one anticlimactic.  When i was finished i had a couple of blinking lights and a siren,  i  didn’t have anything i could USE, i had half a mind to break them both down and save their parts.   I learn things by getting an idea in my head and then learning all the steps i need to know to get it done.   So I started with wanting to run LED strip lighting and learned the soldering i need to get that done once i can afford to buy the parts.


Places like SparkFun, and Adafruit have proven to be great resources for tutorials not just stuff.  When i have trolled Instructables and Makezine and other CREATOR centered websites, whenever I hit on  something that was clearly electronic I had just skipped over it.  Now with the goal of learning how this all works, I am classifying everything i see into categories of “useful”, “not useful”, and “stuff i want to try once i get some funds to buy the parts. ”

electricfinger_edited-1Among the areas I want to explore are e-textiles,  Sew Electric   is a book i want to look into, the damn library doesn’t have it, but it doesn’t matter i can’t afford the parts.   Leah Buechley the author also has a website devoted to an E-textile device called the Lilypad arduino, a micro-controller designed for sewing into clothing, which i would love to experiment with  and I am wondering how it would like to be sewn into the cover a book?   The most i have done with E-textiles is sew metal threads into my glove so i can use my smartphone without taking off my gloves. It works well enough but i do have to give it a good lick to get the electrons stimulated.

Since I am going to be here for god knows how long, I took in a couple more foster kittens all they need is someone to cleanup their poop and do some cuddling. I am sure these two will be just fine for the rescue group to adopt out in a few weeks.   Even though I am moving 87 miles away, it could be entirely possible that i continue to do fostering, though i am sure there will be cats in Greenfield that need a warm bed. I just need to make sure to maintain an OUTGOING flow system. “Last in first out” aren’t just pretty words.    The pittbull rescue folks know i am looking for a dog too.  I certainly can’t even think about it until the money flow reverses its course.  But i figure its going to take a while to find one that fits in with the rest of the circus, i’m thinking of something that just eats and farts and sleeps in between times, and can cock its eyebrow at just the right moments.   In essence i think i am looking for an audience.

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