solder day 3

2013-11-08 12.33.19 I trolled the dollar store for some bits i could breakdown for parts..or just to see how they worked…if you are looking for button batteries, this is absolutely the place. I ended up making out of course.  besides all the batteries, i got a couple of swell little speakers, some LEDs and some switches.  No idea what i will be doing with any of them, but it gives me some parts to play with.   BTW the pill containers make excellent containers for extra bits.

2013-11-08 13.46.53 So i am getting an idea what items to look out for in the cheapo electronics aisles that can yield more than a dollars worth of parts.

I got a used fan from the repair shop for $2 and put it together with a salvaged switch and battery connection from the thrift shop clock radio. Finally soldered something together that i can use.

I was feeling ambitious and broke out another little soldering project, and a few minutes later i had to pack it all up and put it away. the Desoldering gave me a migraine. I can’t do another thing until i get some lighted magnifier that will relieve the eye strain. I have a feeling the components are going to get smaller and smaller as i go along.
2013-11-08 14.48.12

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