solder day

2013-10-27 14.54.07 Usually Sundays I do laundry, clean house and ship orders…laundry done the other day and hung up to dry, damn gas dryer, no orders to ship and the house is as clean as its gonna get for a while, I emptied a couple of shelves and packed the contents into boxes, so my living room has about 4 filled and taped boxes for long term storage. Started cleaning the closet…i kinda had to, i pulled out the 2 space heaters yesterday which only reminded me that i need to pay off that bill too. but i did take the chill off the place.

I should have worked on actual WORK..i have some Greenfield books in all sorts of states of undoneness, but it takes a concentration i don’t have. One voice is pacing back and forth having imaginary conversations with Lawyer #11, so the other one and I pulled out the new soldering iron and learned how to solder. I want to learn electronics, i want to build my own problem solving devices, i want to learn enough to to play with or at least basically understand HOW an Arduino microcontroller works. I think that’s going to be a large part of the future. So i start with the soldering.

Electronics kits are a lot like many needlework projects, you get parts and directions and still you keep flipping back to the original picture, cept with the added chance of causing yourself a serious injury. I don’t have a door on my office, or my living room or bedroom for that matter, so the entire time i have my parts and tools spread out  the eyes in the back of my head kept watch for any cats that may want to suddenly help me re-sort my components.

It took me about 3 discs of an audiobook to complete Elenco’s Solder Practice kit #3. the 1st two rows of wires are just practice which is good, because it takes about that many before you have the rhythm heat, solder, heat, solder, quick and deliberate. So the 1st ones are unkempt but the solder on the parts that actually made the board light up are rather regular and since it DID light up, i guess i did it right. The lighted magnifier i bought was unnecessary, combined with my reading glasses I felt like i was trying to thread a needle while looking through a glass of water.

I would like to actually HAVE a work bench one day. As it is ANY project i do, has to be set up and broken down every time i am in the mood. I have had some sewing projects waiting around for more than a year. I really should get those done before i move. I put away the soldering iron and my tools until next weekend, I have another electronic mini Kit this one from VELLEMAN There are a LOT of homebrew electronic kit suppliers on the net…no a LOT…anyone who develops a little LED gizmo to make a tiny pumpking snap open and closed can put together a set of components in a zip lock bag and market it on ebay. And i look forward to discovering them…but in the mean time I made a couple of little red lights flick on and off but i would be hard pressed to tell you exactly WHY it works..but i certainly am getting a good grasp on the HOW it works.

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