some fridays are worth the wait

I spent thursday churning out a large order for a special customer…well technically it took all week and as profitable as it was – it’s all spent every penny on frivolous things like insurance and utilities. But after I had washed my hands of the entire thing and before I wrote the 1st check, I celebrated with a trip to McIntyre and Moore in Cambridge. Granted the shop has changed locations more times than Nathan Detroit’s crap game, and has even changed hands…for me there is ALWAYS something to buy.

I wasn’t looking for anything to resell just books for myself and I kinda had to stop after an hour or so, because the longer I looked, the taller my pile became. (M&M likes that, they give discounts on the height of your book stack…no shit.)
I came away with much to read:
A Great Idea at the Time by local boy Beam is the history of the Great Books series; The WPA Guides: Mapping America…the history of the WPA Guidebook series; Writers, Plumbers and Anarchists: the WPA writer’s project in Mass; Swindler, Spy, Rebel: the Confidence woman in 19th century America; a contemporary travel book about a guy who rode from Turkey to Wales on horseback; and a UK travel book that follows the BBC shipping forecast route…I kid you not; and a copy of Barbara Ehrenreich’s 1973 monograph on Witches, Midwives and Nurses. [the copy of McCaffrey’s Hound came in the mail from Old Bag Lady books] . So all in all it was a good day for the pile on my sideboard.
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