somebody's listening

I made a stupid mistake and forwarded my main url to this blog for the last few weeks and apparently someone read it and figured i was just NOT their cup of tea and got me fired from a print job. well since i wasn’t getting paid for that particular job i don’t really care. but they said i dissed them…and since i went thru the last 3 months of this swill and didn’t find anything about anything that resembled them. I am at a loss to figure out how i did that.

It wasn’t my intention to turn this blog into an internal diatribe – but i have put all my ‘grown up’ efforts into the better blogs of my nature. i have a good mind to delete it entirely..bu then i’m not all that GOOD. But i can’t find where i dissed anyone – so they are the ones smoking crack. seriously i hate getting involved with local groups. they are so freaking political. everyone always trying to gossip about each other. OK NOW i am dissing them. i didn’t dissed them at all., i was excited about contributing my abilities to their efforts – but if they don’t want me to because i like to use the Fword in a sentence. they can shinny up a rope.

so back to my regularly scheduled programming. is back pointing where it’s supposed to go and i’m going back to work.

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