someone's in the ceiling

i have no idea what it is, well that’s not’s heavier than a mouse, smaller than a raccoon, and isn’t hopping like a bat. in my building it’s probably a squirrel. they tend to come in through eaves and chimneys. I am trying to decide whether to ignore it or try to ‘rescue it’. if i go after it with a net…which i do have, what do i do with it afterward? there’s like a foot of snow out there. basically i am sitting here looking up at the ceiling and trying to tell the creature to go find another ceiling to play in.

usually i just stare at the ceiling and wonder how i can get people to books and book repair stuff and where would i get the money to pay for advertising if i COULD get people to buy stuff, and can i get the utility companies to take something in trade? Apparently you can’t get people to buy stuff by wishing really hard, believe me I have tried.

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