Someplace SAFE

For years I have been reading about the wonder substance that is SUGRU, the hacking putty as Think Geek puts it.  It reputedly can solve dozens of problems you didn’t know you had and I am all for that.  There is a string of Instructables on Instructables showing various uses for the self hardening putty.   I didn’t have a specific project in mind when i I ordered it, but i figured one would come to me once i had it in hand.  So I ordered a package or packs…or at least I thought I did.   I remember it came in the mail, i opened it, I read the packaging and the little instruction book…and then it lost it. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t a tiny package, it’s larger than a package of microwave popcorn..but i put it someplace ‘SAFE’   – now let me explain…Someplace ‘SAFE’ is that same place my mother would put things she wanted to hide from everyone else..and apparently herself, because once things went someplace SAFE they were never seen nor heard from again.   I thought I had avoided using Someplace SAFE in my life, but apparently I haven’t, because  at some point moments after reading the warning labels I put this item Someplace SAFE.   NOW here I am a week later, looking at my 30 year old KitchenAid that has JUST lost the little plastic KNOBBY finial at the end of the speed adjust lever, and forced to walk around the house trying to find the DOOR to SOMEPLACE SAFE so i can use the fucking Sugru!     THIS  stuff , literally invented to replace the little plastic KNOBBY things of the world, but I can’t find the $20 package I had laid in just for such occasion.

Unfortunately i know exactly how to unlock the door to Someplace SAFE, i need to order a placement package of  and he universe will immediately disgorge the package of wonder substance into my lap.  oh joy.

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