something new

by Arnold Tubis and Martin Carbone

This 48 page, 8-1/2 x 11″ book is intended to be a general reference and how-to handbook for individuals, libraries, museums, and small businesses who have a need to construct boxes of very specific sizes and strengths for storage, shipping, gifts, and other such purposes. Minimal background skills, equipment, effort, and expense are required.

The book opens flat for easy reference at any workspace.

The focus is on (a) box designs, (b) basic materials (commercial or recycled cardstock, corrugated cardboard, paper, and fabric), (c) tools and (d) construction techniques.

References are provided in the Bibliography for readers who want to enhance the aesthetic appearance of their boxes.

We hope this book will help make boxmaking an enjoyable and perhaps profitable activity.

Arnold Tubis and Martin Carbone

Table of contents

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