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Today, I nipped over to the Book fair in Nashua and pretended to be a bookseller again….. it helps clear the cobwebs out of the brain…. and i ran into a friend who still reads this blog…many many thanks, but it just makes me feel bad that this isn’t much more interesting stuff.  I feel its VERY inside baseball, of interest only to me and my future psychiatrists.

I did manage to pick up a nice Greenfield item… not a great one..but a good one.   Lacking anything else to do, I am working along at a good clip on whatever i can get my hands on, hopefully i won’t come off too much of a carpetbagger to the folks in Greenfield. But from what i see, no one else is digging up the old material and making it available…so as long as i don’t do it badly, i won’t find myself in the town stocks pelted with leeks and rutabagas.

WHILE i was in Nashua….which is one of those places on the planet where giant shopping malls spawn smaller shopping malls…….i solved one of the conundrums that had been pestering me. …Wait let me back up….. Yesterday I went to a couple of local NEW furniture stores….I always thought car salesmen, were the saddest most unhappy salesmen in the world – in that sort of Glen Gary Glen Ross sort of way… but I was wrong…the guys who have to sell new furniture must go home and drink just as heavily…..i would if i were them…regardless…. I had it in my mind that someone someplace was producing the perfect reading chair… i was wicked wrong and I feel a LOT better about the size of my ass now…… American’s are a FAT  people… Chairs, recliners, lazyboys, they ain’t got nothing on these big squishy marshmallowy couch/chair hybrids  that swallow you up when sit in them, continually bounce and then raise you up to get you back on your feet – they also give you a cubby to hide your snacks and a cup holder for your beers….pray tell me what the ever loving FUCK IS WRONG WITH US?


I went through both a $$$ furniture store and a ‘discount’ furniture store……and seriously the difference between the furniture was marginal…it was all fuckingugly….and all terribly overpriced…….when you can sell stuff at two for one and the salesman still gets his cut…’s overpriced to a criminal degree. No wonder I never buy shit new.  Regardless I found ONE chair in both stores I would buy…..if it wasn’t priced twice as much as it should be. 799? for a tiny bonded leather recliner? yeah not bloody likely.   It was firm and comfortable…but not in an overly-i-gotta-have-it way.    Once the salesman realized i wasn’t buying anything he couldn’t wait to high tail it for parts unknown. But just as well…. I am now thinking that the READING chair I presently abusing…the already-ruined-when-i-found-it-on-the-curb-chair deserves a second ..well third….chance.  If i am going to overspend, i may as well pay a local person to throw a coat of bonded leather on it.   I don’t really give a shit about style, just about how my back feels after I spend four to six hours hacking away on my laptop while it caresses my backside. Problem solved.

Speaking of problems solved, BACK to today… Nashua is home to HUGE furniture stores… Stores so big they contain theme park rides and Imax theaters…..I have had my fill of new furniture shopping, basically i just want to set off Molotov in each one.   But when i was coming out of Trader Joes…which i never should have been in to begin with -but i HAD to buy my eggs and cheese someplace, didn’t i?    I saw this little sign for a store off in a side mall…called STICKS – casual furniture to go.….so i’m thinking oh…flatpack..well kinda sorta –  these guys specialize and flourish selling the two things that all the big stores consistently ignore….bar stools…and futons, (mostly parawood) just like the ones I have been looking at.


I ended up spending over a half hour there shooting the shit with the cheerful kid on duty, who seems to actually LIKE his job. And I went away with my couch problem decide. Yes I will end up spending a goodly amount  (and probably a lot more..they sell lots of Made in America bookcases too), but I won’t be ordering it from some faceless importer. I will get it from these guys – for about the same price, PLUS they actually know what they are doing ….they sell a soft waterproof washable pillow sham for the damn things……so the cats can still puke to their hearts content. I found the base model completely acceptable, and decided on the ‘best’ of the mattresses,’s got a 5 year guarantee, and the delivery price includes setting it up…..  i’m all for that…and it was also surprisingly comfortable..i’m now thinking over my decision about the platform bed..perhaps i need to just buy two of these?

Well, that’s that one …or is it two? problems sorted,  no matter how many list items i cross off my list, more things keep getting added to the bottom.   I tracked down the push mower i bought twenty years ago, it is sitting in a friends shed and they aren’t using it anymore….so i will be getting it back when i move… i don’t like the gas powered ones..and i need the exercise.   They cost about $125 new and I need to save the money, as I am going to spend about a grand plus on something just to put my fat ass on.


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